Update and Announcement

Hi, all!

It’s been FOREVER! I am so sorry about the long break. I don’t even know if anyone will be reading this…haha.

So what has been going on in my life these past several months? I prefer not to discuss details, but my family has been through some very difficult times these past few months. I have been going through craziness. Nevertheless, God is good.

In other news, the time off has given me time to reflect and decide that I would like to start another blog! It will be primarily a writing blog. Here’s the first post!  https://twothousandwordsblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/05/blue-dreams/

I will still occasionally post in this blog because dance is always a part of my life, but I plan on this new blog being my main creative writing outlet.

Thanks to anyone who is reading this for sticking around! See you around the new blog!

❤ McKinnlee

Check out the new blog here: https://twothousandwordsblog.wordpress.com/


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