One Year Blogiversary

Hey, Everyone!

I’m taking a break from goals this week and just doing a fun post because it’s my one year Blogiversary! Thanks WordPress for the notification!

Here are five random facts about me!

Something I can’t stand:

Mayo. So disgusting.

Favorite way to spend free time:

Reading with a cup of coffee somewhere pretty.

Describe the perfect day:

Waking up around 8. Bible and Prayer. Quickly getting ready, going on a walk, and grabbing a smoothie or juice. Reading a book through the morning, then grabbing lunch and heading to some kind of dance class. After freshening up post-class, heading to dinner and a movie with some friends. Coming home, and writing for an hour or so to clear my mind, then going to sleep.

Favorite part of dancing:

When I get that moment of clarity in the middle of movement. Thoughts like , “I can actually do this well!” or, “I could dance forever,” Keep me going.

Random item on my bucket list:

See the Northern Lights. I’d love to see these one day!


Talk to you guys later!


❤ McKinnlee




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