Why are our whole lives spent preparing for nothing more than a means to survive? We get good grades, because it’s what we’re “supposed” to do. We go to a good college, because we’re told we have to. We eventually find a “temporary” job that becomes our entire existence, just to earn enough to pay the bills. Then we retire. Then we die.

This is the routine of life. This is why we are failing. We settle for mediocre. No one thinks for them selves, because no one educates them selves. The gift of free knowledge is handed to us on a silver platter thanks to the internet, but we pass it up everyday to check our Instagrams. Since knowledge is so readily available, it is worthless.

What should we do?

We should stop memorizing facts for grades and start learning. We should be thinking creatively and critically, not mechanically. We should stop looking at education as an obligation. It is a gift. 150 years ago, 20% of the US population was illiterate. We are so blessed to be handed our educations. We need to use them, not lose them.

We should realize that college is no longer the only path to a successful life. If we actually learn life skills during the high school years, we don’t need to spend $30,000 on a degree that we won’t end up using anyway. We don’t need to be paying off student loan debt until we retire. If we were smart, we would look at what we want to do, evaluate whether that career is worth 4 years of our time and money out of our paychecks in the future. Some careers don’t even require college degrees, and the sooner we realize that, the better off our futures and our children’s futures will be.

We should look beyond mediocre jobs and chase after our dreams. What happened to making the world a better place? What happened to glorifying God with our lives? When are we going to realize that life is more than money? Life has both love and hurt, freedom and suffering, pain and beauty. We know this, so we should stop playing it safe. Our dreams should drive our lives. Not our paychecks.

All this generation cares about is themselves. They care nothing for each other. They just spit out what they’ve been told like robots and do nothing to improve the world around them.

As each generation deteriorates more than the last, for some reason, hope is still burning brightly. Why? Because in every generation of losers, there are world changers. The young people that look up, see the mess around them, and care enough to do something about it.


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