Back On Track

Last week’s goals:


Goal #1 (Health Goal)

Morning routine. (B)

I was sick for like two days, but I really have been sticking with my routine pretty well!

Goal #2 (Creative Goal)

Sticking with NaNoWriMo. (D-)

Yikes. Being sick really drained me of motivation to write, so I only did this for about two days.

Goal #3 (Spiritual Goal)

Read everyday. (A-)

I’m pretty sure I only missed one day being sick!

Goal #4 (Dance Goal)

Extensions. (B-)

I did full-stretching routines after class for about 2 days I think, and I think I’m seeing improvements. I want to keep it up.

Goal #5 (Fun Goal)

Christmas Music. (A+)

It’s not like this was very difficult. 😛




I really want to get back on track this week after being sick. I have a full week of rehearsals and classes and work and school. BLAH.

Goal #1 (Health Goal)

Morning + Night.

I did pretty well with this morning routine thing, but I want to add a night time routine, which will include a cup of tea (ginger is my favorite), a nighttime magnesium supplement, stretching (whether that is some simple yoga, or a full routine to push myself), and sitting down to my computer to write something.

Goal #2 (Creative Goal)


I have a chance to choreograph for a small group of middle school kids this spring, but I want to start playing around with ideas now to flex my choreographic muscles.

Goal #3 (Spiritual Goal)


I want to stick with my reading everyday, but I want to be a “do-er” this week. If God presents me an opportunity to serve Him outside of my comfort zone this week, I want to jump at it without hesitation. I want to let go of fleshly desires and walk in the spirit this week with my actions, not just my words.

Goal #4 (Dance Goal)


I want to push to have consistent triple pirouettes this week. I usually have a few triples per class on my right side, rarely ever on my left. I want to work just turning without hesitation and pushing for those triples on the left.

Goal #5 (Fun Goal)


I want grab a coffee this week and just enjoy the moment. Whether I’m with friends or by myself with a book and some Josh Groban Christmas music, I know it’ll be a nice break during this busy week.


What are your goals? Comment below!


❤ McKinnlee




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