When life gets in the way

Hi, everyone!

I’m back! Without getting into details, my life has been completely insane this month. I’m just feeling anxious about some things, plus on top of that, my phone broke this weekend.

This topic today is close to me because it is exactly what I’m going through.

When life gets in the way, it can be really hard to just focus on the joy of your artform. Instead of thinking about your alignment in the middle of tendus, you find yourself worrying about life. Then gradually, your dancing suffers, and yeah…not good.

Here are some ways that I’m staying grounded and remembering what’s important.

  1. Count your blessings. Being thankful is a scientifically proven way to make you feel instantly happier. It really does work!
  2. Take care of yourself. Don’t forget about basic self-care when life gets crazy. Take time to enjoy what you love doing, and not just get stuck in a rut doing it “just because”.
  3. Music. Make a playlist of songs that encourage you when you’re feeling anxious. Breathe, and just take a moment to listen to the music.


Have a great day!

❤ McKinnlee


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