Welcome to another Fiction….Saturday?

Sorry I’m late on this post. I’ve been working all weekend and prepping for another summer intensive week next week. Anywho, here’s my piece of fiction for this week.




She wonders through the tall grass, gazing at the green around her. The wind whistles into her brown locks, streaming them behind her as she walks. The sun casts golden shadows across her bare arms. She looks up into the green, searching for young apples. It’s summer. She doesn’t want it to leave.

She spots an apple and scrambles up the tree. She sits on a branch and drapes her sky blue dress over it. She lays back against the tree and grabs the apple in one swoop. She takes a bite and lets one bare foot dangle in the breeze. For a moment, she breathes it all in. Before the dread sets in.

She has trouble enjoying the season because of its short duration. It’s running away with the breeze, and she wants to go with it. She wants to climb to the top of the tree and disappear into the swollen blue forever. She knows it can’t happen, so she dreams about it.

The light gently closes her eyes as it surrounds her and soaks into her skin. She breathes it, in and out, trying to save the feeling in her heart. It melts her mind and molds her spine into the tree. Her lashes flutter open, and she looks up into the leafy prism. The green light captures her mood. Gentle and sharp all at once.

She jumps down from the tree, her dress flying around her like a parachute. She lands on the soft grass gracefully and looks around her once more. It’s time for her to leave. The sun is setting. The summer is ending.

Her heart beat increases at the thought of this. She doesn’t want it to end this way. She begins to run, her feet tripping over one another in the tall grass. The hard wind moves into her lungs and chokes her as she runs. She swallows the air with her tears. She keeps moving, everything choking her at once. It feels like she is being pulled backwards. It wants her. Summer wants to keep her.

Let me go. She thinks as she bends over, gasping for air. Her mind flashes with all of the memories of the summer. The pictures fly through her mind. The tears she had swallowed reappeared.

It wasn’t the season she wanted to relive. It was the memories. The laughter. And the goodbyes. Saying goodbye to the summer meant saying goodbye to someone forever. She was clinging to that memory with everything in her being. It pulled her backwards every day. She had to leave it behind her.

She rings her hands, leaving the memory in the dust. She swallows her tears once more, and begins to run. She soaks in the last drop of dusky light with a thought of determination. She would run until she couldn’t see the summer when she looked back.



❤ McKinnlee



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