Just Keep Dancing

Hi, everyone!

It’s Tutu Tuesday! This is my first week of summer intensives at my studio and I’m super excited. I can’t wait for the show we’re putting on Friday!

Today, I wanted to write about finding motivation in dance even when you don’t think you have anything left to give.

We all go through “dry” times when we can’t seem to find motivation. Sometimes we REALLY want to quit. I remember when I was about 12, I was really demotivated and I started getting really lazy in class. My mom noticed, my teacher noticed, and they both asked me what was going on. The reality was, I didn’t really know. I just didn’t feel like working hard that year. I almost wanted to quit.

I got through that time, but not because I did something drastic, or because something amazing happened to me. I just kept dancing. Granted, this won’t work for everyone. For certain people, dance just isn’t right for you anymore, and you need to focus your passion elsewhere. But for those who know deep inside that they wouldn’t be right without it, you owe it to yourself to keep dancing.

When I was 14, we moved several states away and due to many factors, my family couldn’t afford dance lessons anymore. For about a year, I was unable to dance. It broke my heart, and I just felt like I was missing a part of myself. Eventually, I was able to get a scholarship at a local studio, and I was so excited to just be able to be dancing again. I didn’t care how behind I was compared to everyone else. I was just thankful I was there.

Whenever I feel like quitting, I think back to the time when I couldn’t dance. Believe it or not, that is what keeps me going. I just love how God is still using that past bad situation for good in my life. Honestly, He is the one who keeps me going. I just listen to Him. And as long as He tells me to, I’ll keep dancing.

❤ McKinnlee


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