Rising and Falling


There it went again. Her heart had landed at her feet like an unwanted gift. She drowned out her feelings with her thoughts. 

Will this ever end? Is it possible for me to be truly happy for just one day without some kind of interruption? 

She wanted to know. Did every day have to end on a low note? 
The heights were great. They really were. But what was the point? Things were just going to crash, so why soar? 

She had nothing left. No motivation. No energy. No passion. 

Just pain. Bitter pain. 

God, give me the strength. 

She sat down at her computer and pressed the start button. She pounded her fist on the table impatiently. 

Come on! 

Her familiar screen saver finally appeared. 

Go, go. 

It was a race. Her fingers against her emotions. 

Faster. Type faster. 

She cried into the words. She shared with them her joy. She told them her pain. She dripped bits of pain and joy across the pages with the tapping of her fingers. 

More. More emotion. More character. 

She knew her time was running out. Her emotions had been beaten up so badly that they wouldn’t last the hour. Her fingers sensed it. They pounded faster still. 

That’s it. That’s all you can do. 

‘No!’ She yelled against her own thoughts. ‘I have more. I can give more!’ 

You’ve reached your limit. Breathe now or never again. 

‘No!’ She yelled. Her fingers kept going. Her brain kept churning. Her heart kept bleeding. 

You are incredible. 

You are invisible. 

You have limits. 

You are limitless. 

The mind games made her crazy and drove her to greatness simultaneously. 

She always knew when it was truly time to stop. 

The moment that her mind stopped talking. When her soul steadied. And when her heart stopped its rising and falling. 


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