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The Portrait of an Artist

Hi, Readers! 

It’s Motivation Monday! I hope this piece that I wrote inspires you! 

We spend our hours by artificial lights. Squinting, wincing, critiquing our work. Paper cuts and blisters brought by paper and erasers and late nights of cringing at our failures. We don’t spend our weekends in front of a screen, filling our minds with entertainment. We create the entertainment. We create illusion of reality. The stories we breathe into living. We spend our weekends planning and scheming, creating a plan to nearly be pleasing. It hurts, but it is our breath. The ink that drips from our minds writes the words and draws the pictures that get the world’s attention. Negative, positive, we can’t decide. They choose their reactions, we paint our minds. We plant into our souls light and goodness, hoping that genius sprouts from our hearts. Constantly listening for the noble Calling. Our work grows when we cultivate our beings. Our lives build a tower of inspiration for us to pull from in the times of drought. We reach for them when our hearts stop singing. Art is unaffected by time. Art is affected by people. By love. By pain. Art is the concentration of our lives into a single work. A single tear. A single smile. We are artists. We paint the portraits of our lives under the surface. We tell stories. We paint pictures. We make music. We dance figures. Our art is our work, our dream, and our play. Our art is the reason we don’t decay. Artists we are. Art we will be. Sharing our minds through creativity. 

❤ McKinnlee


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