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5 Tips for Dancers with Stage Fright

Hi, everyone!

It’s Tutu Tuesday! This past Sunday was my recital, and while recital is not a huge deal at my studio (our other productions are generally more important), I noticed that a lot of people seemed to get really nervous. Being one who doesn’t often get nervous about performance, I wanted to share with you some tips that keep me calm on performance days.

  1. Have a plan. This is an example of a day from my daily planner. Planning helps you stay organized and minimizes stress on a performance day.


2. Eat, drink, sleep. Make sure you fill your body with nutrients and get plenty of sleep. This will minimize risk of blood sugar drops and general exhaustion.

smoothie 5

3. Have a pre-show ritual. I’m not talking about a superstitious type thing. I’m talking about something you do before every show that keeps you calm. Maybe it’s reading a book, drinking a glass of water, praying, running through choreography,  ect. Something that will help you focus on what you have to accomplish.


4. Warm up. I cannot stress this enough. NEVER dance when your muscles are cold. Keep it simple. Some plies and releves, a little cardio, and good stretching is usually my routine.

leg warmers.png

5. Talk with your friends. They’re nervous too! Talking with them will help keep you focused on your goal and less focused on worst case scenarios.



Have an amazing week!

❤ McKinnlee


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