The Portrait of an Athlete


Good morning! It’s Motivation Monday! Today I have a poem for you that I wrote during NaPoWriMo. I hope you find it encouraging!


 The Portrait of an Athlete

Heart and feet constantly pounding

To the rhythm and the sounding

Of the bell that’s ever ringing

A voice inside of them that’s screaming:

One more rep.

One more lap.

One more step to go.


They’re driven by a force that’s driving

To the perfection that they’re striving

Through determination’s calling

Soul’s unwritten song that’s singing

One more rep.

One more lap.

One more step to go.


There must be something that they’re chasing

If not fame, then the feeling

Of growing stronger through the breaking

Or strong, sweet voice ever-repeating

One more rep.

One more lap.

One more step to go.


What is it that they’re really chasing?

A perfect score? A perfect game?

A meaning inside that numbs the pain?

An evidence or a finding?

That a game is more than a game

That there is more to a life than fame

That there is a meaning to their name

That there is a purpose to sweat’s stain

 And if the song should stop it’s singing

and if the dance should stop its dancing

and if the game just ends its gaming

Will there still be that illusive calling?

Is passion a human-made creation? Is determination fading?

I disagree. Those who care to listen carefully

Will always hear the Father calling

He whispers Truth into our ears

Telling us to keep on going

We all are running, athlete or not

Running to or from our calling

Listening to the Truth that’s falling

Into our souls; a song that’s whispering

One more rep

One more lap

One more step to go





❤ McKinnlee



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