Post Class Routine

Hi, followers!

It’s Tutu Tuesday! Every other Tuesday, I’ll be posting things that are strictly ballet related:) Today’s post is my typical after class night time routine! Enjoy!

9:27 pm. Arrive home. (I know, it’s late! My classes end at 9, and I live 20 minutes from my studio.)

9:32 pm. Drink a huge glass of water.

9:34 pm. Make a snack. Usually a banana and almond butter, or a smoothie.

9:48 pm. Change into PJ’s. Apply YL Cool Azul on feet and ankles. (Link below)

9:50 pm. Brush teeth. Wash face.

9:56 pm. Make a cup of tea. Take tea bag out and let cool.

9:59 pm. Kathryn Morgan’s Stretching and Flexibility Routine while listening to a podcast. (Link below)

10:23 pm. Drink tea. Read book.

10:45 pm. Bed.


❤ McKinnlee





4 thoughts on “Post Class Routine

    1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. I know you’ve probably heard it before, but resting is really all you can do. You could ice it if you want to take away some of the swelling. Was it your pointe shoes? Sometimes new shoes can do weird things to you. I lost my big toenail from my first pair:/.


      1. No, I kicked it really hard into a baby gate by accident.
        Three weeks ago.
        And the frusturating thing is im supposed to start pointe tonight!

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