Hello! It’s Fiction Friday! This is the last AAWC Challenge:(. Thank you, Misty for hosting this! Here’s this week’s story

She wrapped her black rain coat tightly around her damp skin. Looking straight forward, she pulled a hood over her dark, wavy hair. Her feet began to move one after the other, splashing against the wet sidewalk. The rain relentlessly drilled through her, chilling her to the bone. But for some reason, she didn’t care. She liked it. 

The walk wasn’t far. It was just a block or two. She wasn’t exactly sure what time of day it was. Late afternoon she assumed, though it could be later. The clouds were colored so deeply that it was hard to tell. Big tears fell like wet paint and slid down her rain coat, no matter how tightly she pulled it against herself. 

She blended into the city walls, or at least she tried to. She wanted to be invisible. People often thought that she was humble, but she wasn’t. She was just shy. She just didn’t want to be noticed. 

It kept going, crashing around her with every step she took. The sound was deafening. She walked on, wondering if it would ever end. Surely she was almost there. 

She finally rounded the corner. Her destination was in sight. Her feet involuntarily picked up their pace, and she brushed shoulders with someone on the side walk. “Hey!” They yelled back at her. She kept going, never looking back to apologize. She didn’t want to be noticed. She hated attention. Especially negative attention. 

She breathed a sigh of relief as she placed her hand on the cold metal doorknob. She pulled it open, and stepped inside. Her heart racing, she leaned her head against the wall and relaxed her muscles. 

She was here. She was in the theatre. She was where she belonged. Up there, on that stage, behind that curtain. That was the only place she didn’t mind attention. But as far as she was concerned, until exactly 7 o’clock, she was still invisible. 


6 thoughts on “Invisible 

  1. Wow! This was brilliant! Especially the ending.
    Thank you, McKinnlee, for participating in AWWC! I’ve really enjoyed reading your lovely stories, and I hope you participate again next year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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