AAWC Challenge 2016

Story # 5



A smile dances across her face as it often does. People often wonder what thoughts and feelings evoke her smile. It’s so unique and interesting; unlike any other smile they’ve ever seen. It tells a thousand stories and sings a hundred songs, all without uttering a single word. There is a secret behind her smile, and he intends to find out what that secret is.

He knows that she smiles most when she’s doing the things that she loves. Painting, writing, dancing, creating. But he wonders if those things are the joy that she feels, or merely vessels for a far greater joy. A joy brought by memories of moonlit walks, gatherings of friends, and dinners with her family. A joy filled by memories of moments full of inspiration.

Perhaps the joy is inspiration; the fuel to all of her creative pursuits. But maybe it is still something more. He wonders if her joy is the absence of pain. He’s seen her cry once or twice. The sound of her weeping haunts his memories with all the breaking he’s ever felt in his own heart. He’s seen her angry before. Her anger is like a deeper sadness, filled with bitter resentment. But when she is happy, the whole world lights up around her. Perhaps she feels joy so strongly, because she feels pain so deeply.

He ponders this, realizing for the first time that he would not appreciate her smile unless he had seen her show her other emotions. The contrast shows the true beauty in her smile. It is not a perfect smile. Her teeth are slightly crooked and yellowed, but the beauty of the secret behind the smile blows away its imperfections.

“What are you smiling about?” She asks him suddenly, pulling him out of his thoughts.

“Nothing.” He replies with a grin, realizing another secret behind her smile. It’s contagious.


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