Hi, Everyone!

The other day when I was at the barre, about to begin the plié combination, it occurred to me that I was subconsciously going through a checklist in my head to make sure my placement was correct. I realized that I pretty much do this before and after every combination. I was really proud of myself, because for once, I had a good habit in ballet:) As soon as I got home, I wrote down the checklist from memory so I could share it with you all! 

  1. Make sure your weight is in your toes and not in your heels.
  2. Make sure your ankles are not pronating.
  3. Keep your knees pulled up.
  4. Inner thighs engaged. 
  5. Turn out from your hips, not your ankles.
  6. Your hips should not be tucked under, or let go, but rather in a straight line from your spine.
  7. Pull up your obliques. 
  8. Keep your shoulders back and down and your spine straight.
  9. Keep your stomach muscles tight and pulled up.
  10. Keep your ribs closed, but your chest open, and neck long. 

And that’s it! As simple as it may sound, it’s really difficult to do all of these things at once, and remembering to do them before, after, and during every combination is even tougher!

I’ll be back with a short story on Thursday! Talk to you all later!

❤ McKinnlee


6 thoughts on “Checklists

    1. Not this time:(. I did nutcracker, but is was really hard to get good roles because there are so many seniors, so I didn’t audition for Cinderella. I wanted to focus on finding a summer intensive right now, plus SATs are keeping me busy too. But I’ll be in nutcracker this winter!


      1. It’s hard for me to get a really good role because I started late. In nutcracker and annie I had to dance with younger kids. =) so I was the oldest.
        Maybe I’ll get to see your nutcracker, we usually go and watch someone else’s every year. Have you been accepted to any summer program yet?

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