What’s in my Dance Bag? 

Hello, Internet!

What are you up to this week? I’m leaving on Wednesday to go to a fine arts competition. Since I’m traveling, I decided to clean out my dance bag for accessibility on the performance day, and wanted to show you what I keep in my dance bag! 

Here’s my actual dance bag. It’s from 31. 

First…the shoes:

Currently, I’ve got my Capezio jazz shoes, my Capezio ballet flats(the old looking pair), my brand new So Danca ballet flats, my old Russian Pointes(Rubin), a new pair of Freeds that I’m trying out(not loving them, but could just be because of my weird narrow feet), my non-gel toe pads, and gel toe pads, my toe spacers, and medical toe tape. 

Next, the clothes…

Two pairs of comfy socks for warming up, black jazz shorts, a random plaid scarf, and two different black wrap skirts. 

And finally the random stuff…

A hair tie, my very low supply of Bobby pins:(, my emergency sewing kit, a notebook and a few pencils that is supposed to be for note taking, but has turned into a character description notebook;), and the Screwtape Letters(not sure how that got in there).
What’s in your dance bag? Let me know in the comments! 

❤ McKinnlee

PS. I might post a few more times this week documenting this fine arts competition! Ttyl!


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