The Intriguing Storylines of Famous Ballets


Hi, everyone! 😉

It seems like it’s been forever since my last post, even though it’s only been a week. I’ve been super busy lately. Fine Arts competition this past weekend, tons of school, ect. And my library books are overdue, and I have a crazy work schedule this week.:P

Well, to take my mind off of all of this craziness, I thought I’d tell some stories in this post. The fascinating storylines of famous ballets 🙂 🙂 🙂 These are my personal interpretations of these stories, so don’t take my word for it. Go see the ballets for yourself!

  1. Swan Lake. Swan Lake opens on a prince that is looking for a bride. His mother, the queen, is determined to find him the perfect wife. She throws a ball, and invites all of the eligible women in the kingdom. At the ball, there are dozens of pretty girls, but no one catches the prince’s eye. Frustrated, he goes hunting in the forest and comes upon an enchanted lake. There are beautiful swans dancing across the lake, and one swan in particular is especially beautiful to the prince. She seems to be the leader of the swans. As the sun rises, the leader of the swans transforms into a beautiful woman named Odette. She tells the prince that she is the Swan Queen and she and her fellow swans have been cursed by an evil sorcerer named Rothbart. The only way she can be freed from the curse is if a man with a true and pure heart confesses his love for her. The prince, after dancing with Odette, has fallen in love with her, and is about to tell her, but is interrupted by Rothbart. He commands all the swans to stay away from the prince. The next day, there is another ball. The prince cannot stop thinking about Odette. His mother wants him to choose a bride at the ball, but he cannot. Just then, Rothbart arrives at the ball in disguise, with his sly daughter Odile, whom Rothbart has disguised to look like Odette. The prince thinks that it is Odette, and dances with her and tell her he loves her. Unfortunately, the real Odette witnesses this, and is heartbroken. The prince sees the real Odette running away, and realizes that he has made a terrible mistake. He leaves the party, and chases after Odette, who has rejoined her fellow swans to mourn. He explains how he has been tricked by Rothbart, and Odette forgives him. Suddenly, Rothbart and Odile appear, and Rothbart says that the prince must marry Odile since he confessed his love for her. The prince says that he’d rather die than marry Odile. There is a huge battle scene, between Rothbart and the Prince. Eventually, the prince takes Odette and they both jump into the lake. All of the swans, the prince, Rothbart, and Odile all fall into the lake and drown, but the curse is broken, so Odette is turned back into a women, and legend has it that the prince and Odette live in the heavens above Swan Lake.

2. Giselle. Giselle is a young girl that loves dancing more than anything. She is a frail young woman that has a serious heart condition. Hilarion is deeply in love with Giselle, and is jealous of Loys, who is actually a Duke, disguised as a commoner. Loys comes to meet Giselle at her house, and they go to the town square where everyone is dancing. Giselle dances, even though her mother has warned her against it because of her health conditions. Loys swears his love for Giselle, as they dance. During the party, a prince, and his sister, the princess arrive, and enjoy watching Giselle dance. She dances with the prince, and the princess befriends Giselle and gifts her with a necklace. Giselle is very happy, until Hilarion reveals Loys’ true identity. Loys, realizing his secret is out, decides to tell Giselle the truth: that he is actually engaged to the princess, and he does not really love her. Giselle, completely devastated, goes mad, and dances around the crowd madly. She dances until her heart stops, and dies in her mother’s arms. Hilarion visits Giselle’s grave, around midnight. Giselle is a ghost, along with other girls who died before marrying. Loys, or rather Duke Albrecht, arrives at the grave also. Albrecht is truly sorry, and loves Giselle.  The ghosts dance with Hilarion, who eventually dies of exhaustion. They try to also kill Albrecht, but Giselle, who decides to forgive Albrecht, protects him from the other ghosts, and he survives, regretting his mistakes for the rest of his life.


I’m planning on doing another post like this soon. There are so many ballets that I can talk about! So excited to do more of these type of posts! Talk to you all next Monday!


❤ McKinnlee



One thought on “The Intriguing Storylines of Famous Ballets

  1. This is just an after thought that I had after reading my post over. Both of these stories really exhibit what true love is. Sacrificial, selfless, and forgiving, no matter what. Just thought that it was really cool how Swan Lake and Giselle really parallel each other in a lot of ways. 😀


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