The Invisible Girl


I walk through life in silence. If I spoke, it would only scare them. They can’t see me, but I can see them. I’ve watched my friends grow up, get married, and have children. But I will never change. I am invisible.

I was born this way, as far as I know. I’ve always been like this, as long as I can remember. My parents weren’t like this. They were normal. They lived normal lives. All they wanted was to keep me hidden. Funny, isn’t it…having to hide someone who’s invisible? Believe it or not, it is hard to hide an invisible girl.  My parents were embarrassed by me. Or scared of me. I’m not sure which.

I remember the first time that I scared someone. All I did was speak. This particular person was someone I had  “known” for quite a while. He was not one to be easily scared, and I thought I could trust him. It turned out that I was wrong. Very wrong. He tried to tell other people what he had seen(or rather what he had heard), but they thought he was crazy. I still can’t believe that I ever trusted him. I was so young and naïve.

After that, I tried to use my invisibility to my advantage. I was angry with the world. I stole things, I scared people on purpose, I went around wrecking havoc. It went well for me, but it caused so much pain in the lives of others that I stopped. I couldn’t stand seeing people in pain.

Everyday, I come to the park. I sit on a wooden bench by the pond in the back of the park and watch the ducks. I can talk to them. They don’t run away. Rarely does anyone come by the pond, so I don’t have to hide. I can be myself. I can live. I can write.

It must look funny. The pen scribbling by itself onto a piece of paper. I leave my stories all over town. They’ve even been found and published by the local newspaper before. I always sign my stories with the name: The Invisible Girl. It’s a pen name of sorts. My real name is Helen Matthews, but of course, no one knows that but me.

I find happiness in watching others that have normal lives. When I see people going after  their dreams, finding love, and achieving their goals in life; it inspires me. I like to think that I am one of those people. That I am normal. But, anyway, normal is kind of boring.

A lot of times, I hate being invisible. But sometimes, I actually enjoy it. Life is like an endless movie to me. I’m never involved in the story, but I get to watch everyone else’s stories unfold before my very eyes. The only way I can ever create a story of my own is through my pen. I’ve written several novels. Novels that may never be read, let alone published, though I dream that one day they will be.

My name is Helen. I am invisible. The world will never know my face or my name, but they will know me by my pen.

-The Invisible Girl




Hey, everyone! Hope you liked this story. I came up with this after seeing a really cool writing prompt photo a few weeks ago. I can’t post it because of copyright, but it was basically a picnic bench, and clothes that were sitting on the bench in the shape of a person. It really got my creative juices flowing:)  If you haven’t noticed, I’m going to be changing to one post a week now. I’m really busy, so I don’t have time for more than that right now. I’m hoping to return to 2 posts a week in the spring.  Tell me what you thought of the story in the comments below!

Have a great week!

❤ McKinnlee






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