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Give Yourself a Break

Every once in a while, I get really, really worn down with all of the things I’m doing and I start to kind of burn out. Or maybe I’m feeling under the weather. Whatever it is, sometimes you just need a day off.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I wasn’t feeling great, plus I was just really under-motivated over the weekend. I knew I had the day off of work this week anyway, and I realized that I really needed to take a day to give myself a mental break. No studying, no writing, no dancing. So what did I do to relax? I poured into myself rather than pouring out of myself.

  1. Reading. I picked up Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, and Persuasion from the library on Saturday. I made use of my sick day by getting some non-school reading in.
  2. Tea. Earl Grey tea. My new obsession. Enough said. 🙂
  3. Oils. When I’m feeling under the weather, no matter what kind of illness it is, I always LOVE to use some YL lavender essential oil. It is seriously the best.
  4. Planning. What better way to spend a non-productive day then planning some productive days ahead?
  5. Movies. Back to the Future anyone? It happened to be on TV, and it is one of my favorites. Couldn’t help myself.:) It’s super nerdy, but, well…that’s me;)
  6. Beauty. Take sometime to do your nails, or a facemask(my personal fav). Young Living’s Satin Mint Facial scrub is amazing!

Why do we need these days? Well, sometimes we physically can’t do anything productive, and sometimes we mentally can’t. It’s so easy for anyone involved in any kind of art form to get creatively exhausted. So next time you think, “I’ve just got to push through today…,” take a break for just one day to regroup. You’ll thank yourself when you have a much more productive rest of the week!

Have a great day!

❤ McKinnlee




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