Encouragement for the discouraged…

Lately, I’ve been really frustrated with myself. I’ve felt really bad about my dancing in general. I can’t seem to stop messing up. I can’t master things as quickly as everyone else, and I have to work extremely hard just to barely keep up. It’s so scary. I just hate that feeling. It’s basically the anticipation of failure.

There’s some things that I forget when I’m in that mood. No matter how bad your life is, someone has always had it worse, but they also never stay in that bad place. Life always gets better eventually, unless you give up.

Maybe you’ve seen a similar list, but I decided to make my own list of all the failures of successful people that I can think of.

Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team.

Misty Copeland(American Ballet Theater Principal Dancer) didn’t start ballet lessons until she was 13 years old.

Walt Disney got fired from a newspaper for “having no original ideas”.

Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak until he was 4 years old and his teachers said he wouldn’t amount to much.

Marilyn Monroe’s first contract expired because they told her she was pretty or talented enough to be an actress.

Beethoven’s music teacher said, “as a composer, he is hopeless.”

Isaac Newton failed at running his family farm.

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.”

Elvis was fired after his first performance.

Winston Churchill failed 6th grade.

Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire life, and it was to a friend.

To the person reading this, it’s not over yet. You’ll make it through this, and become better because of the challenges you’ve faced. No matter how hard life is right now, there is ALWAYS hope for a miracle.

You’ve got this! Go crush your weekend!

❤ McKinnlee


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