My Goals For 2016!



Hey, all! I’m planning on doing this thing for 2016, where I set 5 goals, then check up on them in June and grade myself at the end of the year. So here’s my 5 goals for 2016:


  1. Finish editing novel and look into publishers. I really would love to finish my 2nd and 3rd drafts this year, and start sending it out to publishers if I feel confident enough in it. I started writing this novel last January, and I think that two years to finish my first novel would be pretty awesome!
  2. Learn how to play guitar. I’ve had this amazing guitar sitting in my room for two years now. Enough said…
  3. Take an art and/or drama class. I really love art and drama, and I used to do them both, but I’ve been so busy with dance that I just haven’t had much time for other interests. My goal is to take a short workshop or something when I’m in between productions for dance.
  4. Improve daily diet and overall health. Working at a place that sells baked goods, I’ve really let myself slack off on eating well, so I’m trying to get back on track with this. I’m also going to start drinking the Slique Tea  from Young Living in the mornings again. It helps stop cravings and increases energy.
  5. Become a better dancer. This one is a bit vague, but I really want to improve greatly this year. I’d love to skip another level in ballet, and join the company, but those are not my goals. My goal is to put in my best effort at every class, and hopefully get the best results out.


What are your goals for 2016? Comment below!

Happy New Year!


❤ McKinnlee


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