Dance is art



Dancers are artists that strive for perfection.

Perfection is the impossible standard for ballet.

No one can ever do a variation, step, or combination perfectly, without some mistake.

But that is what makes dance art. Art is something that strives to reach perfection and create emotion, yet it can never reach that highest point of perfection.

There is always room for improvement in ballet, and always room to mess up, but there is always, always a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance on the brink of perfection.


5 thoughts on “Dance is art

  1. Your definition of art is very accurate. Another message we can find here is that if one really wants to reach that point of being on the brink of perfection, they must commit themselves to the art, whatever it may be, and not give up no matter how many mistakes they make. I think this can apply to all areas of art (and beyond) such as writing, music, as you said dance, etc. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it. (And I hope you don’t mind the long comment, LOL!)

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