Enhance your water with Essential Oils!

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to tell you about the essential oils that I use and how I love to use them!


I’m sure that most people know that those little water flavoring packets of powder probably aren’t very good for you. I mean, what’s even in there? So, I have replaced all of my soft drinks and flavored waters by putting a drop of citrus essential oil in water! I only use Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils, because other companies are not guaranteed to be free of synthetics or fillers in their oils. You can read about Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee here.

Anyway, the top three oils that I love to put in my water are, lemon, orange, and lime. Lime is my personal favorite, but they’re all delicious and help you look forward to drinking your water and staying hydrated. When I start every morning with a glass of water with a drop or two of lime, I tend to remember to drink more water throughout the day. So use citrus oils, and be a member of the liver lover’s club!:) Click here to order your own oils!


Have an awesome day, y’all!

❤ McKinnlee

P.S.- Next week I’ll have a few extra posts, documenting the journey of tech week! Look for some fun and interesting posts! 🙂







4 thoughts on “Enhance your water with Essential Oils!

    1. Thanks! I use Young Living EO’s because they are the only therapeutic grade essential oils in North America, so they’re safe to ingest. Had a bad past experience with another company, so I haven’t wanted to risk using any others, lol:)

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